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Dear frankie, The phys­i­cal dis­tance be­tween my boyfriend and

I has been re­ally get­ting me down lately. But this af­ter­noon, we did your whole ’80s word find to­gether through the magic of pic­ture mes­sag­ing. Even though I was sit­ting in my parked car in the rain, I’ve never felt as cosy. Thank you for your gor­geous puz­zles and mak­ing it feel as if he was right there with me. Much love, Lexi xo ...................

Dear frankie, Like Eleanor Robert­son, the “name game” is a modern-day dilemma that has com­pletely stumped me for too long – that is, un­til I pon­dered out loud in the pres­ence of a par­tic­u­larly switched-on 11-year-old. After about four sec­onds of care­ful think­ing, she came up with the per­fect word to de­scribe a hu­man you’re in­volved with, but not mar­ried to: a ‘date-mate’. I think I might ask chil­dren to solve my prob­lems more of­ten! (And per­haps I’ll sub­mit ‘date-mate’ to the th­e­saurus peo­ple as a handy syn­onym for Eleanor’s ‘sex mon­key’.) Love, Clau­dia xxx ...................

Dear frankie, I’ve just stuck the gor­geous Aus­lan poster to our bath­room wall, where it sits proudly next to our ‘Learn Your Times Ta­bles’ and ‘Spelling Com­mon Words’ posters. Now, my lit­tle ones will learn Aus­lan at bath time as well! Thank you for this in­spi­ra­tion – if only I’d thought of it ear­lier. Here’s to in­clu­sion! With love, Ash­leigh Dear frankie, The day is­sue 84 ar­rived in my let­ter­box, I’d just left home (on two wheels) to be­gin my 45-minute com­mute to uni. Un­for­tu­nately, my trip was cut short by storm clouds and the sign of rain. Dou­bling home to take the bus, I was greeted by your cosy cover in my let­ter­box. Read­ing Sam Pren­der­gast’s ar­ti­cle on sea­sonal de­pres­sion, I couldn’t help but feel pleased that I’d in­vested in a frankie sub­scrip­tion over the SAD lamp or in­door plants she used to keep the blues away. For me, your witty anec­dotes, life ad­vice and cre­ative in­spi­ra­tion are enough to keep me smil­ing through the win­ter gloom. Han­nah xoxo ...................

Dear frankie, Kather­ine Gillep­sie’s “In De­fence of the Di­ary” strongly res­onated with me. De­spite pos­sess­ing a smart­phone and lap­top, I too find com­fort in pen­cilling work ros­ters, uni dead­lines and pretty much every­thing on pa­per! For one, I take pride in my neat hand­writ­ing, and two, I don’t trust my fat thumbs to type my sched­ule into my smart­phone cor­rectly. So, here’s to the pa­per di­ary for be­ing re­li­able and keep­ing the art of writ­ing alive! Love, Michelle ...................


Dear frankie, As a hear­ing im­paired and cre­ative in­di­vid­ual,

Mia Tim­pano’s in­ter­view with So­fya Gol­lan re­ally res­onated with me – es­pe­cially as I’ve been think­ing about a po­ten­tial ca­reer in film­mak­ing. The lack of pos­i­tive rep­re­sen­ta­tion (and let’s be hon­est, rep­re­sen­ta­tion in gen­eral) for hard-of-hear­ing and deaf in­di­vid­u­als in en­ter­tain­ment has been some­thing I’ve per­son­ally strug­gled with grow­ing up, and, as a re­sult, I’ve al­ways felt the de­sire to cre­ate films that in­cluded the rep­re­sen­ta­tion I needed. So­fya’s words and ac­tions have given me hope for the fu­ture por­trayal of hard-of-hear­ing and deaf peo­ple, and have in­spired me to take a step fur­ther in the di­rec­tion of film­mak­ing.

Thank you and for­ever grate­ful, Eva

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