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Who are you and what do you do? I’m a French il­lus­tra­tor, liv­ing and work­ing in Paris. I make chil­dren’s books, draw for news­pa­pers, and when I have time left, I fo­cus on my per­sonal work. I also prac­tise etch­ing and ce­ram­ics. What’s your artis­tic medium of choice? My favourite medium is draw­ing be­cause of its im­me­di­acy. I like the sim­ple feel­ing of the pen on the pa­per, and the pos­si­bil­ity to draw any­where. Sketch­ing out­side is re­ally im­por­tant to me, as when I’m work­ing,

I’m like a nat­u­ral­ist – I ob­serve and iden­tify things. This doc­u­men­ta­tion is the first step that al­lows me to drift to­wards imag­i­na­tion. Tell us the story be­hind this art­work. I started a se­ries of draw­ings with an­i­mals and peo­ple, but with strange re­la­tion­ships. For in­stance, a woman with a tiger, but we don’t know if they’re danc­ing or if he’s at­tack­ing and de­vour­ing her – as if an­i­mals were revolting against their role as do­mes­tic pets. But this one with the chee­tah is more kind and gen­tle, like a guardian. Have you al­ways been an arty type? As far as I re­mem­ber, I’ve al­ways drawn, es­pe­cially with my brother. We used to draw big bat­tles with knights and blood splash­ing and cut legs ev­ery­where, be­fore try­ing some­thing calmer: start­ing a news­pa­per. We had to re­pro­duce each one with felt pens in or­der to get sev­eral copies; it was ex­haust­ing. What would we find you do­ing when you’re not mak­ing art? I love go­ing to ex­hi­bi­tions and con­certs when I’m in Paris; walk­ing in the coun­try­side when I’m some­where else; read­ing books and try­ing to pass my driv­ing the­ory test.

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