A bit of banter with pickle darling


Describe your music in three words. Kitschy, intimate, homemade. What’s a Pickle Darling gig like? We play quietly and the audience is usually sitting on the floor. My live bandmates Marcus Burton and Cameron Finlay harmonise beautifull­y and it’s super-comforting to sing between them. Marcus usually tells the same joke at every show. Describe the places you record music. I pretty much record everything in my bedroom with one mic, except for when I’m recording quotes from films, in which case I bring my mic to the lounge and put on a DVD and point my mic at the TV. If you call it ‘lo-fi’ you can get away with anything. What makes you happiest? At the end of every week, I go for a super-long walk around my suburb. That’s when I get all my thinking done: my lyrics, music video ideas, album covers. I’ll steal song titles or lyric ideas from street names, park names or advertisem­ents I pass. If you could redo a film’s soundtrack, which would it be? Humpday. In an early part of my live set, we’d play a section of the film’s dialogue on a boombox and perform an instrument­al song underneath it. What are you excited about right now? I’m doing the music for a game called Shelf Life. It’s a story-driven game about a non-binary art student. They’re dealing with family, art, work and their social life, but they also move in and out of this scary parallel dimension. There are themes of mental health and identity and it’s really beautiful. Where do you hope to be in 10 years? My current life is pretty normal and nice. I like living with my friends and making stuff in my room. If I can keep doing what I’m doing now but be more financiall­y stable, I’ll be happy.

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