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Who are you? I’m Tilly, aka FRITZ! A 19-year-old musician, fashion fanatic, and meme and pasta enthusiast writing noise-pop-meets-dream-pop. What was your favourite thing about school? Home time – ha. I actually liked music class. I wrote a FRITZ song called “Gracie, Forgive Me” in class once. I’m yet to release it, but we play it live. Also, my school did a mean spinach-and-feta triangle. Where do you go to have a good time? It depends on what mood I’m in. If I want to stay at home, I go to my bedroom with a bowl of stuffed olives and watch Netflix or make-up tutorials on Youtube. If I’m feeling brave enough to go outside, then I’ll head down to the ‘Hamo’ (the Hamilton Station Hotel, aka the best pub in Newcastle). When did you first get into writing songs? I was 17, which is also when I became very content with who I am. I wasn’t afraid of what people would think of me anymore. I had a few weeks off school with glandular fever, and in that time I wrote my first album. I’d also just been dumped, so I had a lot to say. Why are you called FRITZ? It was very spur-of-the-moment. I wanted to upload my album to the internet the day I finished it, and was like, “Uh, I need a name, pronto!” FRITZ came to mind because it’s short and I like the letter ‘z’.

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