My favourite things with… electric fields


Favourite song you’ve written? Michael Ross: That’s a trick question because we gave birth to all our songs. They all work on a different part of us. It’s like asking which is our favourite chakra. Favourite gig so far? MR: Qingdao, China. That’s where we realised music transcende­d any language, and where our performanc­e style arrived to us. Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Zaachariah­a Fielding: Long black, like our men. Favourite way to get pumped up before a show? ZF:

A long shower to warm up the vocals, a couple of glasses of wine to warm the cockles, then paint my face for the gods. Favourite dance move? ZF: It’s called the Pegasus Pretzel. You shimmy-shake your shoulders with both legs behind your head. Favourite place to be on a Friday night? ZF: Watching drag queens lip sync for their liquor. Then getting on the dance floor and doing the Pegasus Pretzel. Favourite place you’ve visited? ZF: Scotland was deadly. The visual landscape was like a film, the people were like friends and the NHS dentist gave Michael a free filling. Favourite item of clothing? ZF: A scarf. So versatile. You can wrap your hair up, use it as a dancing whip on stage and mop up after a spillage. Favourite haircut? MR: Bald. You can tattoo the hair on where you like. Or wigs. Get into it.

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