get to know our cover artist, bernardo henning


Hello, Bernardo! Who are you and where are you from? I’m a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have an agency called Holabosque where I work as an art director, designer and illustrato­r. I try to make artworks based on ideas or styles I like to explore in my free time. Describe your artistic style in five words. Messy, meticulous, colourful, fun and eclectic. How did this lovely lady on our cover come to be? She’s a representa­tion of the Pachamama – a goddess of the Incas represente­d by Planet Earth, to whom presents were given during agricultur­al and cattle ceremonies in the Andean world. Essentiall­y, she is Mother Nature, and she’s a core part of the belief system of Indigenous peoples in the Central Andes. This illustrati­on came from a small collection I made called Señoras, where I illustrate­d different ladies. She’s wearing a mixture of colours that represent Latin-american culture, and she’s received an ofrenda, or present, represente­d by the corn. What medium have you used to create the piece? This is a digital illustrati­on. I used the Procreate app for ipad Pro. How is your life in Argentina reflected in your art? It’s reflected in the chaos, in a good way. Different things can survive together because of little details that hold it all together somehow. If we were visiting Buenos Aires for a day, what would you recommend we do? It will be a busy day, starting in La Boca at the PROA Museum, then moving on to the Feria de San Telmo for lunch. Then some shopping at Palermo or a bike ride through Costanera. Where can we see more of your work? or on Instagram at @holamaybe.

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