a few safe ways to spruce up our walls


Adhesive hooks If your landlord would prefer you don’t drill holes in the walls to hang frames, don’t fret – that’s why stick-on hooks exist. If applied correctly, the nifty contraptio­ns will hold your artwork nice and tight until you’re ready to vacate (or redecorate). Then they can be easily removed without damaging any paint.

Washi tape All hail washi tape, the magical Japanese masking tape that can be stuck to almost any surface and peeled off without so much as a gummy mark. It comes in an endless supply of eyecatchin­g patterns, and a strip in each corner of a print will keep it not only tacked to the wall, but looking cute as heck, as well.

Blu tack Some rental contracts veto the use of blu tack, just in case it peels off paint or leaves an oily splodge on the wall. There’s a crafty way around those parameters, though – simply lay down some easy-to-remove painter’s tape first, then whack the blu tack on top of the newly created barrier. (Best to stick with very light items here.)

Picture rails If you move into a rental with old-school picture rails – yay, you! Grab a pack of hooks and you’re off on your merry artwork-hanging way. For those who aren’t as lucky, though, you might like to try making a DIY version. String some baker’s twine or fishing line across a wall, attaching it tightly to hooks at each end. Then, secure photos, prints or postcards along it with wooden clothes pegs.

Leaning Sometimes a frame is too heavy or precious to risk messing around with makeshift hanging techniques. In such a case, you might like to embrace the lean, instead. Whether on a shelf, mantel, cabinet or even the floor, there’s something effortless (and stressfree) about simply propping an artwork or mirror against a wall.

Removable wallpaper We’re lucky enough to live in a glorious time when removable wallpaper exists, so why not make the most of the low-commitment product? It’s worth giving your landlord a courtesy heads-up if you go down that path, but they can rest assured any feature wall will leave the house when you do.

Vinyl decals Vinyl wall stickers come in many different designs, and give the illusion of a mural or painted feature piece. Just make sure you follow the instructio­ns carefully when taking them down, lest you take a chunk of the wall with you.

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