some nifty( lack of) storage solutions


Choose efficient furniture Some pieces of furniture work twice as hard, like a decorative trunk, a hollowed-out pouf, a bed frame with drawers or a coffee table with shelves fitted underneath. Pick up items that are nice-looking and functional, too – bonus points if they sport closable doors so your unsightly clutter can be hidden away.

Make your own modular shelves Pick up a bunch of wooden crates in different sizes, paint the insides in pretty pastel hues, stack them in an interestin­g formation, then secure them with bulldog clips. Ta-da! You have simple, creative, modular shelving that can be rearranged whenever you see fit.

Create bonus bathroom space When it comes to storage, not all bathrooms are created equal. Nab some over-the-door hooks or lean a decorative ladder against the wall and you’ve got extra space to hang your towels post-shower. Use inexpensiv­e baskets and trays to keep your make-up and bathroom bits organised, or nab a narrow storage unit that can be slipped into overlooked nooks and crannies (between the vanity and bath, for instance).

Embrace wardrobe alternativ­es No built-in? No worries. A portable wooden clothing rack will sort you out, and you can even give it a lick of colourful paint for some extra pizzazz. A chest of drawers is invaluable for folded duds if it’s in your budget, and there are plenty of zip-up storage containers that will slide easily under your bed from places like IKEA and Bunnings.

Give drills the heave-ho Thanks to telescopic shelving units, you can add storage to any room with no tools or hands-on skills required. The adjustable poles are pressure-mounted between the floor and ceiling so they stay in place and won’t damage your walls – plus, they come in a range of different shapes and sizes.

Roll with it Here’s a wheely good idea: score extra counter space and storage in the kitchen with a mobile bar cart or chopping block. You can roll it out when you’re getting busy with some meal prep, then push it aside the rest of the time to store pots and pans, plates or bottles.

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