make our own wash si tape galley wall


1. Collect several pieces of art at various sizes – they could be posters, printouts, photos, postcards or anything made of paper that makes you smile.

2. Ensure all your prints are nice and flat. Unroll them if necessary and pop some heavy books on top of the curled edges for a while.

3. Figure out your layout – where do you want each print to go? (Then again, you might prefer to play it by ear as you pop each piece in place.)

4. Give the wall a wipe down with some isopropyl rubbing alcohol, which can be nabbed from your local hardware store, supermarke­t or chemist.

Once the wall is dry, begin sticking up your art. Use a small piece of double-sided removable tape in each corner of the prints – this will make doubly sure they stay put.

6. You’re best off placing the larger artworks first, then filling gaps and outer edges with smaller items. Adjust positions as you go – if you’re careful, the tape won’t take any paint with it.

7. When you’re happy with your layout, it’s time to add the washi tape. Use a mix of complement­ary colours, clashing patterns or stick to one design if you prefer. Simply lay strips of the tape along each edge of a print, creating a self-adhesive frame. Before long, you’ll have an eye-catching, rental-friendly gallery wall!

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