full as a centipede’s sock drawer

For my illustrati­on, I chose to interpret the Aussie slang ‘full as a centipede’s sock drawer’.

It’s a bit surprising, as I normally hate bugs that move in a worm-like fashion, but this one conjured a cute and funny image in my mind, so it got a pass this time. Strangely, I had never actually heard this saying before, which is unexpected seeing as I grew up in the country and love to use a lot of obscure Aussie slang in my everyday life. I decided to depict the lil centipede in a graphic, pastel world. Somehow, his sock drawer has been transplant­ed into a field of blooming daisies, and he’s obviously an avid collector, as the drawers are overflowin­g with colourful patterned socks. I love his cute little face! My favourite ever piece of Aussie slang would have to be ‘wrap your laughing gear round that’, which means to eat something. I think I like it mainly because it reminds me of my dad, who was a very funny man. If I had to invent my own piece of Aussie slang, it would be something like, ‘I’m as hungry as a bin chicken’ (ie when you’re so hungry you would literally eat anything an ibis would). Think a kebab dropped on the street, or… garbage, I suppose! We all know the feeling!

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