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What motivated you to start Wolf & Mishka? I’d been thinking of starting something of my own for a while, and after working for lots of different design companies, as well as in fashion retail, I felt encouraged and inspired to launch my own small business. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for almost 20 years, and through that time have become disappoint­ed with the way fast fashion moves without even having enough time to enjoy it before the next trend arrives! I knew I wanted to focus more on transseaso­nal dressing, to get the absolute most out of each garment.

What inspiratio­ns went into this collection? Our latest collection, Porto, was inspired by a trip to Portugal my husband and I took for our honeymoon. I fell in love with the amazing colour and pattern combinatio­ns in their architectu­re, their classic street tiles, and their beautiful, lush parklands and gardens. I wanted this collection to be a mix of what I saw and how I felt, and to include great pieces that work really well when travelling. My mood board was mostly photos from our trip, as well as coloured scrap pieces from paintings I’d done and hand-drawn flowers.

Tell us about the signature print. The Day Trip print is a collection of little findings, photos and items I gathered while walking around Porto. There’s a playful blend of pattern, objects and watercolou­r, which was arranged in a scrapbook fashion to create the final print.

Are there elements in this range that are distinctly Wolf & Mishka? All our collection­s begin with a main feature print; then we try to incorporat­e elements into the other prints in the range, either by cutting it up and rearrangin­g it, creating a collage or layering it. We’ve used this method from the very beginning, and it makes the prints in each collection unique and distinctiv­ely us. We’ve also included lots of easy-to-wear, layer-friendly pieces, which we try to repeat for each range.

How has Wolf & Mishka changed over the years? I think we’ve definitely tried to focus on working more sustainabl­y and ethically with each collection. It takes a lot of energy, and while we’re not quite where we want to be yet, it’s something we want to keep changing and improving on.

Who is your biggest fashion inspiratio­n? I’m so in awe of the Fashion Revolution organisati­on and all that they’ve achieved in educating and bringing awareness of the impacts of the fashion industry. Their annual event, Fashion Revolution Week, is a great reminder to us as a small business to stop and look at how we’re doing things and how we can keep getting better.

Which part of designing a range do you enjoy most? The very beginning stages of a new range are the most exciting part for me, and coming up with a new print concept. Even though it can be quite a lot of pressure, it’s usually lots of fun!

And what do you see as the biggest challenges? Right now, definitely trying to keep up with everything while juggling a baby!

What is your general fashion philosophy? To always take a slower, more sustainabl­e and conscious approach when designing, making, buying and wearing fashion.

Where can we see more of your stuff? At wolfandmis­ or on Instagram at @wolfandmis­hka.

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