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Dear frankie, Issue 96 was very welcome during a chilly Melbourne winter. The article “It All Comes Out in the Wash” was wonderful. Photograph­er Jimmi Ho’s ability to capture laundry day in Hong Kong took me on a journey to warmer, far-reaching places. The colourful clothes draped across urban landscapes made me smile, as did the concept of viewing laundry as art. Reading frankie with a hot cup of coffee by my side equals bliss. Love, Steph

Dear frankie, I first discovered your magazine in a Japanese bookstore in New York City. I was going through a tough time and it became a ritual to stop by after therapy and browse through beautiful pages. Now I’m moving cross-country for a job, and although it’s nerve-wracking, I know I can find another small shop in my new neighbourh­ood that will have your magazine waiting on the stands for me. To quote The Golden Girls, “thank you for being a friend”. From, M

Dear frankie, If I’m ever asked for a time capsule of my experience of 2020, I’ll undoubtedl­y hand over my faithful copy of issue 96. Purchased on the way to one of many hospital appointmen­ts following foot surgery, your pages were eagerly trawled through. The article “Just Keep Swimming” was exactly what I needed in that moment, and in many more since. Not to mention the exciting addition of the pen pal bits and bobs! Thank you for making my immobile isolation a lot less lonely. Clare xx

Hello frankie, The world has been a lot lately. I’ve been working from home with two tiny humans under two. As a special treat, I purchased issue 96, and thank fuck I did. What a heartwarmi­ng, nostalgic read was Emma Do’s “The Outsiders”. A subtle reminder that one day we’ll have nothing more to look back on than our memories and the way they made us feel. Thank you for being a piece of art I can submerge myself in for a few moments of me time. Lots of love, Mady

Dear frankie, I think I’m one of those suss happy people Caro Cooper was talking about. I can tell you, I wasn’t always this happy. It was there deep down, but I always had someone or something dimming it. A couple of years ago, I took a job in a small country town and found myself in the right place with the right people, and that allowed me to become who I am. The truth: I’m still only happy 90 per cent of the time. I’m human, not a robot. I’m also tired 99 per cent of the time. Being happy is more pleasant than walking around with a lemon in my mouth, though. But you know that already – it’s why so many of us pick you up as our pick-up. xx Steph


Dear frankie, There’s nothing I’ve needed to read more than “Just Keep Swimming” from issue 96. Last month, my wonderful grandma passed away, aged 93. The world knew her as a pioneer in women’s aviation, but I knew her as the cheeky little lady who’d eat butter out of the fridge with me in the middle of the night and tuck me into bed when I was little. It seems surreal to have lost her with the world in its current state. I definitely feel like I’m living in survival mode, but Pip Lincolne’s advice for pushing forward and looking after myself was exactly what I needed. Thank you for always looking out for me. Love, Maddie xxo

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