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Dear frankie, What’s up, you rapscallio­n? Thanks so much for your article on old-fashioned insults – you had me giggling for hours. Being long distance with my partner, this year has been uber-crap, but to be able to share a laugh about some good old-fashioned insults was a lovely way to come together while still apart. You had us debating who was more of a ‘blowsabell­a’, and honestly, he might be right that it’s me. Oh well – I’ll never call him anything but the ‘Duke of Limbs’ for as long as I live, and I thank you for that! Much love, Summer xxx

Dear frankie, When I think of frankie magazine, I think of my sister. She was the one who first bought me a frankie when I was sick; she got me my frankie subscripti­on on my 13th birthday; and she’s the only person I do my happy dance with when my frankies arrive! So, to be honest, when issue 98 came I was in a funk. My sister is moving out this month, and I was so incredibly sad. But your magazine with its cheery stories made me remember all the lovely times my sister and I have had – and that I’m going to have many more of them with her. Love, Rosie

Hello frankie, I’m a German artist, and many of my artworks are inspired by Australia. One of my biggest plans this year was to visit Melbourne for four weeks, to stay with my daughter, her partner and their nice flatmate and travel around to meet some great people and spend time together. That was the idea, but sadly there’s no possibilit­y because of the coronaviru­s situation. Celebratin­g my birthday in September, I got a fabulous surprise from my daughter: a digital gift subscripti­on to frankie. You combine so many things that make me feel happy. You bring me closer to Australia; I feel well-informed about design, fashion and what’s going on; and additional­ly, I improve my English every day. So, I thank you for the chance to read one article each morning, accompanie­d by Lianne La Havas’s music (I discovered her in issue 97). Lots of love, Mechtild

Dear frankie, It was such a treat to read Sophie’s letter at the start of issue 98 about interviewi­ng Alanis-bloody-morrisette. For my 18th birthday (in April ’96, aka the Dark Ages), while doing a gap year in the UK, my mum paid for me to travel to Amsterdam to see Alanis perform her Jagged Little Pill tour. After the concert, my friend and I were coincident­ally at the same nightclub as Alanis and her crew, and I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. My ‘too cool for school’ friend told me not to approach her and, more than two decades on, I still regret not following my instincts and saying hi. I know she wouldn’t have disappoint­ed. Love, Sara


Dear frankie, Thank you for highlighti­ng the special critters all around us in Caro Cooper’s “Where the Wild Things Are”! My mum and I had a beloved black spider – who we called Morticia – that lived in a window of our previous home. We loved observing her and often tried to herd big, juicy blowflies her way. I was sad when we moved, not knowing how she was, and I do still think about her. It’s wonderful living in harmony with these little animals and knowing they’ve found a cosy home or rest stop with you.

Love, Mads

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