going solo with… lande hekt


What compelled you to make a solo record? I always liked the idea of writing songs and recording all the instrument­s myself, as well as having a bigger hand in mixing them. In the past few years, I've been craving a space where I can talk more about being gay, so I thought I'd start a solo

project. How does your songwritin­g process differ as a solo artist? The songs start in the same way as with my band Muncie Girls: in my bedroom on my acoustic guitar. The difference is in the developmen­t and recording. What

was the best part of making the album? I loved playing all the instrument­s myself! I recorded with my friend Ben David at his studio in the Adelaide Hills (I was very excited to see a koala crossing the road) and we had a lot

of freedom to experiment with new sounds. Which solo artist has had the biggest influence on you? I’ve loved Patti Smith for a long time. I don’t think I take a direct influence from her in terms of my music, but I have a lot of respect for the way she exists outside of any real movement or genre – or gender confinemen­ts, for that matter. Favourite solo activity? If it’s a nice day, there’s nothing better than riding your bike and having a picnic. I like to write in my diary when I’m out by myself. If it’s rainy, the choice is obvious: get as many snacks as you could possibly need and see how much of The L Word you can watch in one go. What makes a rad guitar solo? It’s all about attitude and knowing when to stop, and has fuck-all to do with being able to shred. Nothing will clear the floor like a self-praising bloke doing a long solo. Ew.

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