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From a young age, I used to watch my mum embroider little flowers onto pillowcase­s, bedding and clothes. I was fascinated by the practical ways she incorporat­ed her love of embroidery into our lives, using just a needle and thread. Now I’m a mother of four, and as my children have grown up I’ve found time to pick up sewing as a hobby of my own. It’s so therapeuti­c, relaxing and calming.

I’m especially into designs that feature vibrant colours, flowers and animals. I love that putting certain colours together can bring them to life and create something brilliant. The possibilit­ies of working with fabric and thread are endless – I use a vast array of materials, from felt, cotton and netting to organza and embroidery thread in a rainbow of colours. You can create anything you want with great detail because the thread is so fine. Depending on the level of detail, a piece may take days, weeks or even months!

My process starts with seeing something inspiring, then jotting down a few ideas and bringing the colours together. I’ll decide which type of embroidery or stitching I’m going to use (French knots, satin stitch, etc.) and the thickness of the thread (which is almost like choosing a paintbrush). If I have more time, I don’t focus too much on those details, but just go where the needle takes me – what feels right for the piece. To make the results more lifelike, I use lots of light and shade. Making mistakes is a big part of the process – and removing the mistakes takes longer than putting them on. But I don’t see them as a negative, because I learn from every one. What works for one piece may not work for another; you shouldn’t be afraid. Though I do need to concentrat­e while working, I also watch a lot of shows on Netflix, especially documentar­ies on serial killers. I listen to audio books while sewing, too. Right now, I’m listening to Mythos by Stephen Fry.

It’s currently autumn in the UK where I am, so recently I’ve been working on showing the changing seasons in my pieces, greens through to vibrant oranges and yellows. I always find myself coming back to nature, as it’s just so beautiful.

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