Meet our cover (and poster!) artist, laura lhuillier


Hello! Who are you and where are you from? Hi! I’m Laura Lhuillier – Arual the other way! I’m from the countrysid­e of north-east France, but I’m currently living in the beautiful city of Lyon. I’m an illustrato­r making digital drawings. How would you describe your artistic style? My universe is a mix of colours, patterns, a lot of textures and happy scenes. My naïve style navigates between dreams and reality – it’s a world where the two coexist. Where do you find inspiratio­n? Astronomy, wild animals, tropical plants and women are my main sources of inspiratio­n! I also like to watch film scenes to analyse the framing, the position of the characters, the atmosphere and the stories. Who is the lady on our cover? I was inspired by Amy Roiland’s amazing style (@afashionne­rd on Instagram). She has this cute hairstyle and often wears bracelets and glasses that are so cool! Do you wish you could wear her beautiful dress? Yes! I clearly drew the dress of my dreams, full of patterns and colours. What’s your dream project to work on? I would love to release a clothing collection inspired by my drawings. Why not start with this dress... let's dream! You’ve designed our poster artwork, too! Tell us about that scene. I drew it during the first confinemen­t in France last year. I needed to create soothing illustrati­ons that represente­d the importance of taking time for ourselves during this difficult period. Anything else we should know about you? My favourite colour is pink; I like coffee a lot; I like plants; I LOVE eating, but not cooking (it's a pity); and my two favourite animals are the tiger and the cheetah.

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