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How would you describe your music to your nan? My nan is one of my biggest supporters. I would tell her my music is inspired by a lot of soul and gospel, but with some modern

R&B influences. Where does your love of gospel music come from? I grew up in the church. My family played in the church band, so I was exposed to gospel music a lot when I was little. Gospel has some of the best musicians, songwriter­s and singers in the world. I love it because I’m Christian, but as a musician and vocalist, I appreciate how good the music is, too.

How does your hometown of Fingal Head inspire your songs? It’s a very chill place and right on the beach – everyone just tries to be happy and relaxed. I try to keep that same attitude when I write and perform. Tell us one thing about Fingal only locals know. I don’t think I’m allowed to spill the secrets, but something people don’t realise is that the beaches can get very dangerous. Dreamtime Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, but people don’t know how dangerous it is. If you come here, be safe in the water. How do you manage school alongside your music? I couldn’t manage it. I left school about two years ago because I was working too much. I chose music. It’s my career now and I don’t regret it. What would your dream show look like? My dream is to get a band, dancers, lights, pyrotechni­cs and everything. I basically want to go big or go home. I really look up to artists like Michael Jackson and Beyoncé because the production of their shows is amazing, and I want to match that someday.

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