My favourite things with… megafauna


Favourite way to rev up an audience? Freyja Fox: Doing a poem usually gets things weird and intimate pretty fast. Lily Keenan: Synchronis­ed dance moves. Tess Wilkin: Lucy’s bass slides. Favourite onstage moment as a band? Ellen Fitzgibbon: Our first-ever gig, which was actually just in a loungeroom with our friends. TW: We emerged during COVID, so Megafauna had only ever played to a seated audience until about a month ago. Favourite classic album? Lucy Warriner: Diamond Life by Sade.

EF: Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? by The Cranberrie­s. That album, on a very warped cassette in my parents’ crappy Corolla (with fresh P plates slapped on), is my coming-of-age story. LK: Born Sandy Devotional by The Triffids. It will forever conjure up the flat, open plains and searing heat of my Western Australian homeland.

Favourite Aussie flora and fauna? FF: I love flannel flowers because they feel feminine, but they also have a toughness to them. And apparently they’re from the same plant family as carrots – wild! As for fauna, we can't choose between the bunyip and the yowie! Favourite op-shop find? EF: My red boots that may make it into every Megafauna photoshoot until the end of time. Or my lime-green velvet chair! FF: I have a two-piece, crimson velvet suit that has done the rounds on the bods of many friends. Favourite place to write a song? FF: In the strangest corner of my mind, in the warmest corner of my room. LK: In bed at 1am whispering into my iphone voice memos. Favourite piece of advice from your parents? LK: “Remember Lily, everything you do, I’ve probably done it and I’ve probably done worse.” EF: Just slap it on! (In reference to paint, but applicable to life and love and all the big things.)

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