get to know our cover artist, alice lindstrom


Tell us a bit about yourself, please. I’m an artist and illustrato­r living in Adelaide. I originally studied philosophy and theatre design before finding my way to art and illustrati­on. How do you describe your style of art? I create paper collages and also make papercuts, draw and paint. I’m influenced by 20th-century art movements, midcentury illustrati­on and folk art. I gravitate to bold colour and expressive works. How long does it take to complete a collage piece like this? Generally about a week. I sketch out the image, choose a palette and paint lots of paper in the colours I plan to use. Then, I carefully translate the drawing to a collage by cutting each piece from the painted sheets. I use tweezers and a scalpel, which helps with the fine detail. How did this particular design come to be? It was created for Art for Wildlife – a fundraisin­g project organised by Miriam Rosenbloom, the publisher of Scribble Books, after the catastroph­ic Australian bushfires of 2020. What do you listen to or watch while creating? Angel Olsen, Belle and Sebastian and The xx are always on regular rotation. Some favourite podcasts are The New Yorker Fiction Podcast, The Great Women Artists and The Daily from The New York Times. What’s something unusual we should know about you? I’m ambidextro­us. When I first started writing as a child, I did mirror-writing with my left hand. I had to be taught to write from left to right rather than backwards! Now I do all my writing with my left hand, draw with both hands and cut with my right hand. What are you working on at the moment? I’ve just taken almost a year off work to be home with my baby daughter. I’m slowly getting back into work now, including some children’s books I’m very excited to finally start working on!

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