IF YOU want to be a photograph­er, you must live and breathe photograph­y, because this is a long game. Part of that game is finding your style, though, so be patient. Pick a photograph­y project and stick to it, really figuring out your strengths and favourite approach. Pitch a story to a publicatio­n instead of submitting ready-made work. And when your work is inspired by someone else’s image, make sure you always credit it.

PEOPLE think being a photograph­er is an easy job – that everyone can take photos. It took me 13 years to make it look easy! Everyone can take photos, yes, especially with the really great phone cameras these days, but it requires a lot of time and work to really master the technical skills and language. That being said, I think everyone has the ability to create content and take it seriously – so why not?

FOR beginners, it's so important to learn the basics. You need to be across the holy trinity: ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Practise changing your camera's settings and experiment with different lighting situations. Soon enough, it will all become second nature to you.

ALTHOUGH anyone can use their phone to document what they’re doing, there’s a time and place for profession­al photograph­y, and I don’t think that’s going to go away. It’s not a competitio­n; there’s plenty of work for everyone. The point of difference is in the way you deliver the experience – how you made someone feel during and after a photoshoot. Your relationsh­ip with the subject or client can win or lose you the game.

I KEEP a lookout for people who are creating original content, especially on Instagram. The ones who make it are persistent and hard-working – they often do the hard yards in assisting other photograph­ers first. (Trust me, people notice.) They also know how to celebrate others and are humble, curious and in it for the long haul. To be a successful photograph­er, you need to always be shooting.

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