Meet our cover artist, chloe welch


Tell us a bit about yourself, please. I grew up in Arizona and currently live in Denver, Colorado, with my husband Mason and 10-month-old, Mia. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts specialisi­ng in art education, and am currently balancing life as a full-time mum and illustrato­r! How do you describe your style of art? Illustrati­ve with an emphasis on patterns, colours and exaggerate­d forms. I love drawing girls, plants and animals. What kinds of materials do you use? I draw digitally, in a physical sketchbook, paint with gouache and oils, and I love ceramics. Illustrati­ng on my ipad has been an amazing way for me to stay anchored to a daily creative practice after having a baby! I can whip it out during nap times and there’s no clean-up. Talk us through your creative process. I consume lots of inspiratio­n digitally and in the world around me, keeping an eye out for cool shapes and colour combinatio­ns. I start creating with a low-stakes warm-up, then draw an outline and use pencil to fill in shapes. My favourite part is the finishing touches, like tiny details and textures. Who is the lady in this image? Sadly it’s not a self-portrait in looks, only attitude! This girl is trying to keep positive – though dreary, cold weather is on its way, there are still a few flowers to appreciate, and a cute outfit makes it bearable. Are you a fan of chilly weather? Nope! Growing up in Arizona made me expect nothing less than sunshine every day. Snow is beautiful and all, but after one day I’m ready for it to melt!

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