Becoming mates with… mum friends


How did Mum Friends come to be? Katie Wright: Mia and I met when she came to do her teacher’s placement at the school I worked at. We bonded over Paramore and tasty vegan treats. Mia Neale: We wrote a few songs and were pushed to start playing after mentoring at Girls Rock! Adelaide and gaining a whole community of friends. What does it take to be a great pal? KW: Big ears and a big heart. MN: Having good snacks and a cat, preferably (and loving each other a lot). And to write really good lyrics? KW:

A willingnes­s to not censor yourself. Whatever you have to say is valid! Sometimes that will look like beautifull­y crafted poetry and other times it might look like a big jumble, but if you want to say it, it’s important. What do you love about being a teacher? KW: As a music teacher, I love watching people explore and be creative. I love building young people up when they’re unsure and seeing them absolutely smash it! MN: I love seeing students do things they didn’t think they’d be able to do. It’s pretty special to watch a person grow up and to have a part in that. Where can we see a rad gig in Adelaide? KW: We love Jive, which is independen­tly run by a woman named Tam. She’s such a huge supporter of the local scene. MN: The Crown & Anchor also feels like home. How do you have fun aside from making music? KW: I play roller derby and it’s a pretty sick time. MN:

I usually watch music with my friends or watch my friends play music! I also love watching terrible teen dramas and trying to keep my tomato plant alive.

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