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MCDON­ALD’S has been slammed by an in­censed mother for not cut­ting up grapes con­tained in chil­dren’s Happy Meal fruit bags.

The mum wrote: “Got the DC (dear child) a happy meal at the week­end and got a bag of fruit with it. I was gen­uinely shocked that the grapes weren’t cut up.

“Surely a meal specif­i­cally for chil­dren should have the grapes cut up?

“Am I be­ing un­rea­son­able to send an email ask­ing why the hell they have such a well-known chock­ing (sic) risk be­ing sold to thou­sands of small chil­dren?”

The Fraser Coast Com­mu­nity shared their thoughts on Face­book.

Donna Hosken: “For cry­ing out loud cot­ton wool so­ci­ety.

“If she wanted the fruit bag for her child cut them her­self bet­ter yet don’t buy the things... lazy par­ents pass­ing the buck.”

Abbey Es­ther Vin­cent-York: “You don’t go to Mac­cas for a salad, cause you don’t go to a brothel for a hug.

“If she is that se­ri­ous she should keep a lit­tle cut­lery kit in the car or ask for a plas­tic knife to cut them up her­self.”

Christie Wil­liams: “Re­ally, grow up. What next? Do you want them to peel them too? How much more does the price have to go up cause the grapes are not cut. Like re­ally, don’t buy junk food and make your own in­stead of hav­ing a sook.”

Gus Warde: “These are not made to or­der are they?

“I can just imag­ine the con­di­tion a cut grape would be in, in a fac­tory packed fruit bag.

“The ap­ple slices are treated with cal­cium ascor­bate which ap­par­ently will pre­vent brown­ing for about 21 days.”

Brooke Ri­ley: “Lazy wo­man needs to cut her own ap­ples and grapes up.”

Tris Robert­son: “Get a life wo­man. We have teeth for a rea­son.”

Roslyn Macdonald: “Whole grapes are known to be a chok­ing haz­ard in chil­dren ... Just say’in ...” Sharyn Bee: “Is she for real?” Shirley Elling­worth: “Then do them your­self at home.”

Robyn Gross: “Surely this is a joke.”

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