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● A man called his child’s doc­tor, “Hello! My son just snatched my pen when I was writ­ing and swal­lowed it. What should I do?”

The doc­tor replied, “Un­til I can come over, write with an­other pen.”

● A mother and a son come home from the gro­cery store.

The boy im­me­di­ately emp­ties out a box of an­i­mal crackers and the mother asks him why.

The boy says, “You should not eat it if the seal is bro­ken, so I’m look­ing for the seal.”

● Three brothers wanted to give their blind mother a birth­day gift.

The first got her a big beau­ti­ful house.

The sec­ond got her a brand new lux­ury ve­hi­cle with a driver.

The third got her a talk­ing par­rot to keep her com­pany.

When they all got to­gether, they wanted to know which gift she liked best.

She said they were all great, but she thanked her third son be­cause she liked the chicken din­ner best.

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