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KEITH Pitt's calls for an open sea­son on sharks are fall­ing on deaf ears as the Queens­land Gov­ern­ment re­fuses to con­sider a shark cull.

The Hin­kler MP ex­pressed his call for shark hunt­ing at Uran­gan yes­ter­day, spurned on by Mon­day's fa­tal shark at­tack at the Whit­sun­days.

Ap­peal­ing to the pub­lic, Mr Pitt said he val­ued hu­man life above all else when sharks were at "plague" pro­por­tions.

A lo­cal ma­rine bi­ol­o­gist has la­belled MP Keith's Pitt shark cull call an un­e­d­u­cated "knee jerk re­ac­tion".

Yvonne Miles ad­mit­ted while the bay had a large amount of sharks present the onus was on hu­mans to learn their be­hav­iours and avoid swim­ming dur­ing feed­ing times at dawn or dusk.

"We need sharks, our ecosys­tem is de­pen­dant on sharks and if we don't have them then the whole sys­tem is out of bal­ance," she said.

An­drew Chor­ley: “Need to take the max 1.5 m bag limit off them. How you can take all other species and not sharks over 1.5 m does not make sense. The fish­ery is miss man­aged. 10

years ago we hardly lost a fish to sharks now it hap­pens ev­ery­day.”

Cather­ine Cooke: “It's their home. Hu­mans need to re­mem­ber that they don’t own the earth. If you don’t want to get at­tacked by a shark stay out of the ocean.”

Katie Nor­ris: “Most shark at­tack sur­vivors have be­come shark ac­tivists be­cause they un­der­stand that they en­tered the sharks hunt­ing ground. Sharks are apex preda­tors that are nec­es­sary in the oceanic food chain and con­sid­er­ing 90% of the world's oxy­gen is pro­duced in the ocean, I

don't like mess­ing with that eco sys­tem.”

Jodie Lynch: “Let’s dumb down the hu­man species even more by chang­ing the en­vi­ron­ment to suit us in­stead of ed­u­cat­ing our­selves and be­ing more aware. More peo­ple are killed by irukandji so I don’t see why the hype about a shark at­tack even though it was un­for­tu­nate.”

Shaylen Pat­man: “It's not the sharks fault. You go into their en­vi­ron­ment look­ing like their food and ex­pect noth­ing to hap­pen. Why should they die for be­ing a shark?”

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