Fraser Coast Chronicle - - SUPERQUIZ -

1 You know your girl­friend’s drift­ing away, past and present 1855

2 It’s the same old thing since 1916

3 In win­ter 1963 it felt like the world would freeze with John F. Kennedy and The Bea­tles

4 We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969 5 Well, there’s a real square cat, he looks a 1974 6 Danc­ing to elec­tro-pop like a ro­bot from 1984 7 To see our names are writ­ten on the wreck of ‘86 8 1989 the num­ber an­other sum­mer, sound of the funky drum­mer 9 Now it’s ‘95 and they clock me and watch me, di­a­monds shinin’, lookin’ like I robbed Lib­er­ace 10 We gonna party like it’s 3012 tonight

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