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Beat Mountain Vintage Drum and Bongo Breaks


- www.beatmounta­in.com

Five years in the making, and full to bursting with the kind of killer loops usually hidden in the grooves of rare-as-hen’s-teeth Funk 45s, this collection of 548 bboy, Hip-Hop, Funk and Psych sounds is a must-have for drum nuts everywhere. Coming from the sticks of the mighty Bongolian (Big Boss Man, Morcheeba), Vintage Drum and Bongo Breaks is a real deal collection of jaw-dropping drums that you’ll be itching to chop, loop, and layer, into your meaty beaty production­s.

The sound is incredible, thanks, in no small part, to the hardware warmed up in the Beat Mountain studios. BBC valve preamps, vintage spring reverbs, Roland Space Echos, and Farfisa compact reverbs have been brought in to make each snare, kick, slap and tickle electrify the ear drums. Head to the Beat Mountain website for more info, including a promo video that’ll have you handing over your cash quicker than a car boot digger who’s spotted some Pretty Purdie amongst the James Last. Roy Spencer

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