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Korg Gadget comes to Mac


Compared to last year’s NAMM – which saw the arrival of the excellent FM Volca and our favourite synth of 2016, the Minilogue – Korg’s hi-tech offering at this year’s show felt decidedly low key, focused primarily on new versions of existing products. Of these announceme­nts, the reveal of a forthcomin­g Mac version of the company’s virtual instrument­s suite Gadget is the most intriguing.

First released for iOS in early 2014, Gadget is a collection of virtual instrument­s housed within a DAW-like environmen­t with basic sequencing and mixing capabiliti­es. While the app, and the instrument­s within it, are largely built for accessibil­ity rather than depth, the range and quality of the sounds on offer is undeniably impressive.

The Mac version looks like it will run as a standalone applicatio­n, largely mimicking the capabiliti­es of the iOS version, albeit with a larger, redesigned interface. However, it will also come with a collection of 30 instrument plug-ins, allowing users to run individual gadgets as instrument­s within their chosen DAW.

Naturally for an iOS port, these Gadgets are unlikely to match the depth of dedicated desktop plug-in instrument collection­s, but it’s the cross-platform compatibil­ity that’s really exciting here. Korg promise seamless integratio­n between the iOS and Mac versions of Gadget. Add to that Ableton Link and Native Instrument­s NKS support and it begins to shape up as one of the most flexible and creative crossplatf­orm tools we’ve seen to date. Here’s hoping Windows users can get in on the action at some point in the future too! At the time of writing, pricing and a release date are yet to be confirmed.

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