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Greynote Music Analog Kick Generator €4


With only two controls onboard, you won’t be surprised to know that a lot of decision-making with AKG lies in the MIDI notes you feed it. This is a ROMpler with round-robin support, and a brief sojourn down the keyboard – 125 notes from E8 right

down to C-2 – takes you on a whistle-stop tour of some of electronic music’s greatest kick sounds. There are five of each, to be exact, at slightly different tunings, making 25 kick types in total.

Those onboard controls, by the way, are a simple Gain parameter, and a Reverb, which is only really changeable over the first third of its range. At 4 euros (although it often seems to get discounted to 2), this is a good alternativ­e to samples if the kicks are up your street… and there’s only really one way to find that out. https://sellfy.com/p/aglA/ VERDICT 7.5

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