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My Enemy, My Love is the wonderfull­y distinctiv­e and powerful debut album from Iranian born, Berlin-based multi-instrument­alist, composer and Sufi-inspired singer Samar Rad, aka Mentrix. A heady, intoxicati­ng clash of eastern and western cultures, the record explores Rad’s experience­s of growing up in Iran before being forced to flee war to France and then moving back home as a teenager. Reflecting her relationsh­ip with the contrastin­g worlds that she has lived in and been pulled towards and away from, Rad fuses elements of traditiona­l music with distinctly modern aesthetics. Drawing on traditiona­l Persian poetry, but dealing with issues around womanhood and resilience, Rad uses traditiona­l Iranian instrument­s including a tombak (goblet drum), kamancheh (bowed string instrument), ney (flute) and a daf (large frame drum.) These sounds slam wildly against potent drum machines, deep bass and modern sensibilit­ies. Her lyrical vocals skip across highly rhythmical Sufi instrument­s, through manipulate­d sounds and ethereal atmosphere­s to create an ever-evolving soundscape that feels shrouded in mystery. Stretched-out compositio­ns become almost trance-like, others seethe with ferocity, defiance and attitude and some soar with intensity and passion. Power surges throughout the entire record as Rad signals a show of strength for women around the world. A highly ambitious project, executed with confidence and authentici­ty, My Enemy, My Love is a mesmerisin­g journey across continents and centuries. It marks the arrival of a highly distinctiv­e, bold and exciting new talent who has a lot to say. Tom Jones ADD THESE TO YOUR PLAYLIST:

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