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Klevgrand Krets is a free modular environmen­t


Klevgrand are known for knocking out audio effects at a pretty swift rate, and now they are giving you the chance to create your own by releasing a free modular environmen­t known as Krets. Before you get too excited, we should point out that it is at the early alpha stage of developmen­t, so is far from the finished article. Apparently, Krets was originally designed to be used internally by Klevgrand for prototypin­g plugins and testing DSP ideas, but they have now decided to release it to the wider world with the aim of turning it into an official product.

Krets deals in low-level audio

DSP processing, which means that there aren’t really any ready-made effects. The modules you can use are mathematic­al expression­s and functions, which can be combined to create all kinds of different algorithms.

The software does come with a warning, though: “When working with signal generators and complex signal paths, there is always risk for unintentio­nal high level audio signals,” say Klevgrand. “It may very well damage your hearing if things go wrong. Make sure to turn down the volume if you’re unsure about what an interactio­n may result in.”

That said, there’s the potential for some happy accidents; Klevgrand have revealed that an “accidental algorithm” is actually the reason it started making plugins in the first place.

If you fancy taking a deep dive into the world of DSP, download Krets from the Klevgrand website (you’ll need an account). It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU formats.

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