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Kazuya Nagaya Dream Interpreta­tion



Dream Interpreta­tion is the beautiful and highly atmospheri­c new album from contempora­ry Japanese percussion­ist and ambient producer, Kazuya Nagaya. Before he was a musician, Nagaya was a writer who focused on elements of Japanese society that were being lost to modern life. This sentiment spilled over into the music that he creates, with him manipulati­ng sacred sounds of bronze bells, gongs and singing bowls that draw on Buddhist folklores and Zen philosophy. Dream Interpreta­tion is no different, unfurling a slowed down, deep and meditative journey of inner peace. The record is highly atmospheri­c, calming and deeply intimate. Stretched-out sounds search for eternity as gentle melodies and light, jangling tones drift over the top, creating a timeless, weightless feel that almost detaches your consciousn­ess from your body completely. In Zen Buddhism, bells are believed to wash away the cares of the mortal world, as the listener follows the resonance of the bell into the silence and stillness within all beings, and here Nagaya is at the helm of this incredible journey into the soul. Combining traditiona­l sounds and structures with modern synthesise­rs, keyboards and guitars, Nagaya bridges the ancient and the contempora­ry. A masterclas­s of patience, subtlety and simplicity, Dream Interpreta­tion is a stunning and emotionall­y affecting record that lingers on long after it has finished playing. Tom Jones ADD THESE TO YOUR PLAYLIST:

Mother Wading in the River, Tibetan Philosophe­r, The Book of Sunken Memory| 9/10

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