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Spiritczua­lic Enhancemen­t Center Carpet Album



Spiritczua­lic Enhancemen­t Center is a curious and eclectic collective made up of musicians, travellers and artists who have come together to form this fascinatin­g project. Founded in 2017, they have scores of members, but their mesmerisin­g debut LP, Carpet Album, was recorded by an 18-member strong collective that has roots in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, UK, USA, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Japan,

Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Philippine­s, Poland, Romania and Russia. That wonderfull­y diverse concoction is apparent throughout the entire album, which explores spectral jazz, heady psychedeli­a, minimalist electronic­a, avant-garde futurism, ancient mysticism and even elements of post-industrial punk and dub. Each track is a sprawling, hazy tapestry that blends colours, countries and time periods into dazzling soundscape­s that twist and turn at every opportunit­y. Traditiona­l instrument­s interplay with synths, grumbling bass, fuzzy guitars, big drums and self-built machines as a natural and easy-going spirit of improvisat­ion takes hold of the record. It’s that sense of order eventually permeating out of chaos and gripping hold to take us on a hypnotic, heady journey that makes Carpet Album such an enthrallin­g experience. A brilliant and authentic debut, this is simply not be missed. Tom Jones


Going To Wadi Rum, Carpet Inaugurati­on, My Silence is Spanish


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