In the studio with Lack of Afro

Future Music - - FILTER | CLASSIC ALBUM -

“I was work­ing out of my bed­room at the time with a Dell 17” lap­top that weighed a ton. It was run­ning cracked copies of SoundForge and Sony Acid Pro, which was so easy and in­tu­itive as you could au­di­tion sam­ples, change key, and pitchshift them quickly. Then I had a turntable, a No­va­tion K-Sta­tion, and a Tas­cam FW-1804, which was a firewire in­ter­face that ev­ery­thing went through. That had four preamps, and a line in for key­boards and stuff, which made it ap­peal­ing. Then an Au­dioTech­nica AT-3030 con­denser mic, and a pair of Behringer Truth mon­i­tors, which sounded like shit, but I knew them. Be­sides that I didn’t have any com­pres­sors or any­thing. I just used de­lay, re­verb and com­pres­sion in Acid. I had one ex­ter­nal plugin – a PSP Vin­tage Warmer. Then in­stru­ments like a Fender Mus­tang bass gui­tar, Gib­son SG gui­tar, and a Nord Elec­tro, which took care of all the Rhodes and Ham­mond sounds. Then an alto sax, a tam­bourine, and a pair of bon­gos.”

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