MPC Live as back­ing ma­chine

I’d like to run clips, send a click to my drum­mer and jam one shots si­mul­ta­ne­ously live. Ad­vice?


With plan­ning you can have full live sets hap­pen­ing us­ing clips, one shots and a sep­a­rate click track. We’ve tested this way of work­ing on the road re­cently and though there are ‘quirks’ in the OS cur­rently, it’s largely very sta­ble/ca­pa­ble. Firstly, make sure clips are WAV for­mat and over a minute long or they’ll stop when played over a drum pro­gramme. Se­condly, know that the MPC Live cur­rently pulls ev­ery­thing into RAM (and no back­ground load­ing) so you may need to reload be­tween projects. Here’s a quick how-to!

Work on a per-project ba­sis so you have the max mem­ory avail­able for each track in you set. Choose your clip au­dio and make sure it’s all in WAV for­mat (and at least a minute long). Trans­fer from your com­puter via SD card/USB drive, then load from the...

Set Track 2 to be a drum pro­gram and load in/as­sign any one-shot sam­ples you want to jam over the top of the clips you’ve just loaded in. Use the Track but­tons at the bot­tom of the screen to move be­tween your clip pro­gram and one-shots when per­form­ing.

Set Track 1 to use a clip pro­gram, and im­port/as­sign your clips. On the clip edit page, make sure the clips are set to the orig­i­nal source BPM. You can also set the clip play­back mode here to one-shot (play from start) or tog­gle on/off for play­back...

The se­quencer starts when start­ing a clip so just set the metronome to ‘on’ and route to your drum­mer via any out­put to keep your band synced with the clip play­back. Fi­nally, set up Q-links or the XY screen FX for fil­ter­ing and ef­fect­ing your clips and...

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