The Ul­ti­mate Remix

Master the tech­niques, get ad­vice from the artists lead­ing the pack

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What is art? With­out try­ing to come across all philo­soph­i­cal, art is the prac­tice of re­com­bin­ing old ideas and mak­ing some­thing new – putting new spins on fa­mil­iar images; bor­row­ing from the mas­ters to make some­thing big­ger and bet­ter.

And as in art, so in mu­sic. The his­tory of mu­sic is the reimag­in­ing of old ideas in new ways, whether it’s us­ing old chord pro­gres­sions, old in­stru­ments, or in the case of gen­res like hip-hop, en­tire old tracks, to make some­thing new.

In this guide, we’re tak­ing on remix­ing from a num­ber of an­gles: we cover the tech­ni­cal skills you need to pull apart tracks and cre­ate new ver­sions, we’re go­ing to give you the nec­es­sary at­ti­tudes and work­flows to put your­self in the right frame of mind, and we’re go­ing to get ad­vice di­rect from the horses’ mouths… Last month saw the re­lease of the

Grace­land – The Remixes project, with 11 artists putting their own spin on Paul Si­mon’s clas­sic al­bum, which was it­self in­spired by al­ter­na­tive forms of mu­sic. Through this lens, as we speak to some of the artists in­volved, we’ll de­con­struct the art­form that is the remix.

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