Roundup: Ul­tramod­ern EQs

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Strictly speak­ing, Spec­tre isn’t ex­actly an EQ – it’s a multi­band har­monic en­hancer that you dial in just like an EQ. Spec­tre houses three ‘bell’ bands and two shelves, one at ei­ther end of the spec­trum. Each fil­ter has a fre­quency, gain in dB (boost only, since it’s a har­monic en­hancer), and a Q value. In use, Spec­tre has very much the feel of a par­al­lel EQ unit. The five bands feel like more than enough, and it’s a great so­lu­tion for sat­u­rat­ing bass tones to be heard on smaller speak­ers. Each of the nine ‘Color’ op­tions brings its own unique pro­cess­ing type, and over­all the ef­fect can be set to Sub­tle, Medium or Ag­gres­sive. The choice of mid-only, side-only, left-only and right-only pro­cess­ing (and in­deed the large coloured bor­der around the plugin) are a bit un­usual though. www.waves­fac­


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