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Touel­lSk­ouarn be­gan mak­ing hand­made bou­tique gui­tar ped­als in 2010, mov­ing into the Euro­rack for­mat some years later with de­signs of­ten based around fuzz and dis­tor­tion. To­day we have the Strakal Orsel and Skorn da Bask. We’ll start with the Strakal Orsel, billed as a tube dis­tor­tion and crude VCA. It’s cer­tainly not a VCA we’d nor­mally be patch­ing but it’s glorious as a dis­tor­tion and feed­back mod­ule. There are two NOS (new old stock) Rus­sian tubes which can be driven, have the lev­els be­tween them ad­justed, and one of them can be switched be­tween Tri­ode and Pen­tode for a dif­fer­ent up­per-mid and high-end re­sponse. The mod­ule can be pushed a lot fur­ther with onboard feed­back. The mod­ule kicks, screams, os­cil­lates and cre­ates loads of amaz­ing noises and dis­tor­tion tones. You can turn the mod­ule into an os­cil­la­tor or unique high­fre­quency noise gen­er­a­tor, great for mod­u­lat­ing fil­ters and other sources for crackly au­dio rate over­tones.

The sec­ond mod­ule, the Skorn da Bask, is also happy in a clipped, dis­torted state (three onboard os­cil­la­tors and 24dB low-pass fil­ter). The fil­ter drives nicely, mod­u­lates re­ally well and the res­o­nance is clipped and driven, giv­ing it a unique, raspy char­ac­ter around the cut­off. NB: this isn’t a tripleoscil­la­tor synth voice – it’s three, free-run­ning os­cil­la­tors that can be routed to the in­put of the fil­ter or the cut­off mod­u­la­tion of the fil­ter. It ex­cels at ab­stract use with drones, in­ter­ac­tive ges­tu­ral rhythms and free run­ning tonal ex­plo­ration.

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