Pro­cess­ing In­dica’s at­mo­spheric vo­cal

Some taste­ful pro­cess­ing in Logic Pro turns a dry vo­cal sam­ple into some­thing that sounds at home in a pro­gres­sive tech-house banger

Future Music - - THE TRACK -

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“We’ll go and search through a bil­lion vo­cals un­til we find some­thing we like, be­cause we’ll want to build the rest of the melodies around the vo­cal rather than try­ing to make a vo­cal fit a melody” re­veals Ben. The sam­ple used in In­dica is a haunt­ing Ra­jasthani vo­cal from a sam­ple pack that’s loaded onto an au­dio track in Logic.

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Ben and Jon use Logic’s Chan­nel EQ to roll off the fre­quency in­for­ma­tion in the sub 500Hz re­gion, and boost the high end to brighten the sound. The vo­cal is then pitch-shifted down four semi­tones with Logic’s Pitch Shifter ef­fect which gives it a deeper tim­bre.

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“As with most things that we do, we used Val­halla Room to fill it out,” notes Jon. “That makes it fill a big room – if you lis­ten, the vo­cal on its own doesn’t do much, but with that re­verb on it, it re­ally fills the space,” Ben adds.


Another sec­tion of the vo­cal is used to build up to the track’s drop: “We took some parts out of the vo­cal we found and faded them in, just to bring in the drop,” re­veals Jon. This is lay­ered with noise-based ef­fects and per­cus­sive sounds to build in­ten­sity pre-drop.

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