Bring ‘vir­tual’ scores to life with MIDI Con­trollers

Echo­ing a real or­ches­tra’s sense of phrase can trans­form the im­pact of vir­tual or­ches­tral li­braries

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Take a sim­ple quan­tised en­sem­ble vi­o­lin phrase made for Spit­fire Au­dio’s Sym­phonic Strings li­brary. A Per­for­mance Legato patch al­lows for por­ta­mento be­tween notes, but the phrase is life­less ‘as played’. In this li­brary, ve­loc­ity doesn’t con­trol note vol­ume.

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We make each note legato, mean­ing that ev­ery note lasts un­til the next one starts (with­out over­lap). We then slightly lengthen the notes to which we want to in­tro­duce por­ta­mento and then ad­just the ve­loc­ity of the notes we’re ‘swoop­ing’ to. The lower the ve­loc­ity, the longer the bend lasts.

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We shorten the last note of the first phrase to in­tro­duce a rest. Then we cre­ate a MIDI con­troller line for ‘Mod­u­la­tion’ which se­lects qui­etly or loudly recorded sam­ple groups. As a re­sult, we can then cross-fade be­tween the recorded sam­ples, which cre­ates a more mu­si­cal re­sult.

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We set up MIDI con­troller #21, which con­trols vi­brato in Spit­fire Au­dio’s li­braries. This sets the in­ten­sity of pitch ‘wob­ble’ which string play­ers tend to add to cre­ate drama, ro­mance or in­ten­sity. This is a more sub­tle ef­fect but it adds plenty of drama here.

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Lastly we add a per­for­mance line for MIDI Ex­pres­sion which con­trols MIDI vol­ume. This is more con­ve­nient than rid­ing the vol­ume fader and al­lows us to set an over­all vol­ume line for this part. Now the phrase has a much more com­plete sense of phrase and sounds more nat­u­ral as a re­sult.


We ap­ply the same con­trollers to the cello line which has been muted un­til now, us­ing these pa­ram­e­ters to con­trol the counter-phrase to the vi­o­lins. Com­pared to the ‘flat’ orig­i­nal part we played in, there’s a much greater sense of phrase and au­then­tic­ity here now.

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