Us­ing Ma­trixBrute as an ex­ter­nal au­dio pro­ces­sor

Is it easy to set up?

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It is in­deed. The MB is one of the finest ex­ter­nal au­dio pro­ces­sors around (plus you hap­pen to get a su­per-ver­sa­tile ana­logue para­phonic synth in with the deal too)! We use ours for dis­tort­ing drums and ad­ding colour, plus the all-ana­logue BB (bucket brigade) ef­fects sound great on any­thing, like hav­ing a suite of Mooger­foogers in one ma­chine! Take the in­stru­ment you want to process, a jack lead (mono) and then set things up as fol­lows…

Around the back of the Ma­trixBrute you’ll find a sec­tion la­belled au­dio in. Plug in your au­dio source here via a mono jack lead. You can choose from a line level source or in­stru­ment level (gui­tar/bass/etc) via the switch. You also have a gain con­trol to boost or cut.

Next start from an init pre­set by press­ing Panel + Pre­set. Now in or­der to hear your ex­ter­nal au­dio come through the mixer, you need to turn up the mixer’s ex­ter­nal level dial and route that to one or both fil­ters us­ing the fil­ter se­lect but­ton next to it.

Start your drum ma­chine or play your in­stru­ment and hit any key or en­gage key hold to open the en­velopes (make sure you have at­tack to fastest, plus de­cay and sus­tain at full on the amp en­ve­lope to start off with). You should now hear your au­dio through the MB!

If you want the en­velopes to open with­out press­ing a key, switch au­dio gate to on (via the rear panel switch) and the en­velopes will open au­to­mat­i­cally when re­ceiv­ing au­dio. You can now use the en­velopes, fil­ters, ef­fects and en­ve­lope fol­lower in the ma­trix to process au­dio.

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