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Au­toTonic is a se­ri­ously com­pre­hen­sive tool for get­ting your in­put notes to con­form to your choice of nearly 25,000 scales. It runs as a stand­alone ap­pli­ca­tion rather than a MIDI plugin in your DAW, the idea be­ing to trans­form the notes in­put by your MIDI con­troller so that you’re al­ways play­ing in the se­lected key. When us­ing Au­toTonic, your ac­tual play­ing is done on only the white notes of the key­board, with the black notes act­ing only to change the scale that you’re play­ing through. This ap­proach has ac­tu­ally been patented by Au­toTonic, so you shouldn’t find it any­where else.

Au­toTonic may ap­peal more to the hard­core scale-heads out there, and must be used as a stand­alone ap­pli­ca­tion for live play via a con­troller, but if you fit into that par­tic­u­lar Venn di­a­gram, Au­toTonic opens up new worlds of pos­si­bil­ity with very lit­tle ef­fort. We’d love to see a MIDI plugin ver­sion, with fewer scales, to match the way that most pro­duc­ers use soft­ware. au­



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