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Future Music - - ROUNDUP -

It might be a bit strange at first, but once you’ve got the hang of In­stas­cale, the ben­e­fits are ob­vi­ous. Start with one note, the Home note, mapped to MIDI note A5. A5 plays your MIDI A5, but press any other white note (say, B5), and that note re­de­fines the home note, so the next time you hit A5, it plays an B5.

Sound com­pli­cated? It’s eas­ier to grasp once you start play­ing around with it, and the real beauty is that any white keys play in the scale you’ve cho­sen, while the black notes can be set to do other cool stuff, like re­peat­ing the Home note with­out chang­ing its value, ad­ding or sub­tract­ing an oc­tave, or re­defin­ing Home but not ac­tu­ally play­ing it.

Con­fused? Yep, it’s cer­tainly a new con­cept to un­der­stand, but once you’ve got the hang of it, In­stas­cale is great for help­ing you to jam out new mu­si­cal pat­terns that you wouldn’t oth­er­wise have come up with. wapro­duc­tion.com



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