Si­lence Is Golden

Future Music - - FEATURE -

Some­times sound de­sign is as much about manag­ing si­lence as the sound de­sign of the noises you do want to add to a mix. Many of the tech­niques we’re ex­plor­ing in this ar­ti­cle ex­per­i­ment with long re­verbs and de­lays and whilst they might sound beau­ti­ful while the parts which trig­ger them are play­ing, they’ll need care­ful man­age­ment in the gaps be­tween sec­tions, or as a track fades away. The eas­i­est way to man­age ef­fects with long tails is to make sure they’re part of your ar­range­ment. Au­to­mate aux­il­iary vol­umes, so that rather than re­ly­ing on a re­verb’s de­cay to die away ‘per­fectly’ each time, you can take more di­rect con­trol of mo­ments where in­ter­ven­ing pro­duces a bet­ter mu­si­cal re­sult.

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