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Mys­tic have made dis­tinc­tive Euro­rack mod­ules for a few years now, push­ing unique, some­times ab­stract ar­eas of syn­the­sis func­tions rather than just cloning a clas­sic fil­ter or two. Their new logic mod­ule ANA takes two in­puts and gives us six unique out­puts – MIN, MAX, VCA, MAG, STEP and BOX.

MIN com­putes the min­i­mum volt­age value of the two in­puts, MAX com­putes the maxi volt­age at the in­puts, VCA mul­ti­plies the two in­puts, MAG gives us the dif­fer­ence be­tween in­puts, STEP per­forms a track and hold based smooth/stepped process and BOX per­forms a bipo­lar com­para­tor func­tion giv­ing us a 3-level pulse out­put. All of these can be used with au­dio sig­nals, CV sig­nals or gates.

The mod­ule of­fers level con­trol over its two in­puts or the op­tion to sum the in­put and an off­set volt­age which is use­ful for con­trol­ling the out­come of the logic func­tions and ad­just­ing the out­puts on the fly.

A few op­tions they sug­gest: “Process CV with gain and off­set. Mul­ti­ply sig­nals as a through-zero VCA with unique char­ac­ter. Add har­mon­ics by rec­ti­fy­ing a sig­nal. Create pseudo ran­dom se­quences. Dis­tort in­com­ing sig­nals un­der volt­age con­trol. Com­pute bool­ean logic on gates or con­tin­u­ous volt­ages. Ex­tract gates and se­quences from mod­u­la­tion sig­nals.”

That’s a lot of po­ten­tial from a 6hp mod­ule and the real boon is its abil­ity to work with a wide range of in­puts. Mys­tic Cir­cuits are still find­ing uses for the mod­ule, as it’s so open for ex­per­i­men­ta­tion – great!

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