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Re­verb sound­ing too ‘flat’ or ‘static’? Ap­ply a sub­tle blend of cho­rus on your re­verb aux to dial in a touch of den­sity. Try plac­ing the cho­rus pre-re­verb to thicken the in­put sig­nal feed­ing into the ‘verb, or stick it at the end of the chain to wash out the re­verb tone.

The ro­botic na­ture of flang­ing par­tic­u­larly suits metal­lic sounds such as hi-hats or cym­bals. Blend in a gen­tle amount of medium-rate flang­ing on your per­cus­sion bus for some sparkly sweep­ing, or ap­ply overt flang­ing on syn­thetic rides for a fu­tur­is­tic ef­fect.

Un­like de­lay and re­verb, mo­du­la­tion ef­fects sound es­pe­cially un­nat­u­ral to our ears. For this rea­son, al­ways ex­er­cise re­straint and be sub­tle with your ap­pli­ca­tion. To tem­per their ef­fect in the mix and pre­vent overuse, au­to­mate mix amount or level to em­pha­sise only cer­tain song sec­tions.

Try and roughly time your mod ef­fect’s de­lay time with your source sig­nal’s length and dy­nam­ics. This will help bal­ance the cor­rect length of the ef­fect ‘tail’.

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