Do You Re­mem­ber Fos­ters Water Hole?

Galston, Glenorie and Hills Rural News - - Now Open - By Nick Char­torisky

A short while ago I was pleas­antly sur­prised by a visit to Fos­ters Water Hole. From time to time the Land­care Group does more than work in the catch­ment, some­times we just go for a look. On this oc­ca­sion our group was wel­comed by a lo­cal land owner who was kind enough to guide us through to Fos­ters Water Hole.

It was a leisurely trail to the creek but it was ob­vi­ous the coun­try was cov­ered with woody weed, par­tic­u­larly as we ap­proached the creek line. How­ever, as we hit a break in the scrub, a shal­low pool carved from the bedrock sand­stone ap­peared at the head of Fos­ters Water Hole. It was a won­der­ful sight. I found the wa­ters to be cleaner than when I last splashed about in them.

Ad­mit­tedly, a lot had changed to the water’s edge. I couldn’t ac­cess the water from the western shore where the ropes used to hang. Privet had grown and now traps de­bris when creek flows are high; the banks I swung rope from can’t be seen. The sandy beach on the south east end was no longer vis­i­ble ei­ther but I’m sure it’s still un­der there. All in all still an amaz­ing place.

It’s good to re­port that the water looks pretty good and, out of in­ter­est, we in­tend to test it for com­par­i­son with our other water qual­ity re­sults from the catch­ment.

It was such a plea­sure to re­visit Fos­ters Water Hole and I would like to thank the Du­ral and Dis­trict His­tor­i­cal Society and Mar­garet McKinley for her most en­light­en­ing ar­ti­cle. She took the His­tory from early doc­u­mented roots to in the 1890’s to mod­ern day.

From my ini­tial ob­ser­va­tions I can see a great ben­e­fit from restor­ing the shores of the Water Hole. The ef­fort would be fun and the re­wards great if we could once again clear its banks for a swim.

It’s nice to know that this old meet­ing place still ex­ists and with a just lit­tle work might just be that Com­mu­nity Water Hole again.

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