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Were you happy to ac­cept again that Easter was no more than an oc­ca­sion to give the kids choco­late eggs and wish one an­other, ‘Happy Easter’? That’s it, noth­ing more, easy to deal with, noth­ing too dif­fi­cult to think about, even a lit­tle time off work, ev­ery­one’s happy. It’s all a lit­tle warm and fuzzy, just enough to put us to sleep, just enough to de­flect a ques­tion from an en­quir­ing child. What’s the harm?

Wake up, Glenorie! Let’s start telling our chil­dren what Easter is re­ally about. Let’s start look­ing at the hard ques­tions. Who was Je­sus Christ? What was his life all about? What was his mes­sage? Why did he have to die the way he did? What is Chris­tian­ity all about? Let’s start ask­ing our­selves where we stand. Let’s pause and re­flect on the real mean­ing of Easter, the life, death and res­ur­rec­tion of Je­sus Christ.

Je­sus was cru­ci­fied by the Ro­mans on a hill out­side the city of Jerusalem a lit­tle over 2000 years ago. He was beaten and whipped un­til he was close to death. He had a crown of thorns placed upon his head. The sol­diers and the peo­ple mocked him and spat on him. They nailed his hands and feet to a crude wooden cross and lifted him up to slowly die. We re­mem­bered Je­sus Christ’s death on Easter Fri­day.

Je­sus died and his tor­tured body was placed in a tomb. His fol­low­ers were dis­persed and con­fused. On the third day he over­came death and rose again. On Easter Sun­day we re­mem­bered and gave thanks for his res­ur­rec­tion.

Why is this all so im­por­tant? Je­sus, God’s only Son, was per­fect, with­out sin. At the cross God placed mankind’s sin and the pun­ish­ment which that sin de­served upon Him. Yes, the pun­ish­ment our sin de­serves was taken by Je­sus Christ. Through Him we can ob­tain for­give­ness, be cleansed and rec­on­ciled to God.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only be­got­ten Son, that whoso­ever be­lieveth in him should not per­ish but have ev­er­last­ing life.” John 3:16. Please join us at Glenorie Mis­sion Church, to find out more, Sun­day Ser­vice and Sun­day School Sun­day night In (mu­sic, dis­cus­sion, laughs, videos, friend­ship and light sup­per pro­vided 10-15 am

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