The Train­ing Ground of Life

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In a few days’ time the Com­mon­wealth Games will get un­der way on the Gold Coast. Thou­sands of con­tes­tants from over 70 coun­tries around the world will com­pete in a range of dis­ci­plines for the prize of a Com­mon­wealth Games gold medal. That medal rep­re­sents vic­tory. It stands for ex­cel­lence. It is also a tes­ti­mony to faith­ful train­ing – pro­longed, ex­ten­sive and dili­gent train­ing.

By its very na­ture, how­ever, train­ing is in­vari­ably mun­dane and rou­tine. There are few peo­ple, if any, to wit­ness the early morn­ing run on the track or the lap of the swim­ming pool. There are no shouts of sup­port or rounds of ap­plause to en­cour­age these ef­forts. Yet train­ing is vi­tal if the goal is to be achieved. If a com­peti­tor’s train­ing regime has been de­fi­cient, it will show in his or her per­for­mance.

What is true of sport­ing achieve­ments of­ten ap­plies to life it­self. Great ac­com­plish­ments re­sult from faith­ful­ness in ev­ery­day ef­forts, usu­ally away from the glare of pub­lic­ity.

An ex­am­ple is Pro­fes­sor Ian Frazer, who was the 2006 Aus­tralian of the Year. He was hon­oured and recog­nised for his work in de­vel­op­ing vac­cines to pre­vent and to treat cer­vi­cal cancer. How­ever, be­hind this pub­lic recog­ni­tion was 20 years of pain-stak­ing re­search, dili­gence, and per­se­ver­ance. No doubt there were long hours of rou­tine, pos­si­bly bor­ing, work in the lab­o­ra­tory con­duct­ing hun­dreds of ex­per­i­ments, keep­ing records and not­ing out­comes.

The great in­ven­tor Thomas Edi­son once said that ge­nius was 1% in­spi­ra­tion and 99% per­spi­ra­tion. The wise man Solomon put it this way:

“What­ever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” (Ec­cle­si­astes 9:10)

So let us not give up on those days when the tasks are rather bor­ing and our ef­forts do not ap­pear to be par­tic­u­larly pro­duc­tive. Faith­ful­ness and per­se­ver­ance in the ev­ery­day rou­tine of life are the qual­i­ties upon which sig­nif­i­cant achieve­ments are based.

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