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From 1962 - 1964, when I was 6 - 8 years old, we had a kan­ga­roo for a pet. She was a “Small East­ern Grey “who had been hand - reared since her Mum was killed. She had 2 own­ers pre­vi­ous to us.

My older brother and I loved “Mickey. No one else we knew had a kan­ga­roo so we felt es­pe­cially blessed. Her yard, which had 6” high fences was over to one side of the back of our house. We fed her with long grass and bread. We’d go into her yard and our cats would fol­low us. I re­mem­ber once she reared up at me and pushed me back­wards with her strong legs. Maybe I had up­set her. I don’t think I cried.

The other mo­men­tous time with Mickey was when I was nearer 8. It was a Sun­day morn­ing, early be­fore church when we looked out one win­dow and saw Mickey bound­ing up the drive­way to­wards the road ( Old North­ern Rd). We all went crazy Mum, Dad, Brother and I went chas­ing her up the road. I don’t re­call she went fur­ther than the school but some­how we got her back. That de­ter­mined it! We re­alised Mickey must move on from our home so we rang Mr Garth Moore­land in New Line Road. as he had a Kan­ga­roo Park. We were sorry Mickey had to leave us but we were able to visit her. She lived many more years and I’m sure en­joyed the kan­ga­roo com­pany. It’s now il­le­gal to have a pet kan­ga­roo but it wasn’t then. con­trib­uted by Chris­tine Stockman

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